Some of the IT solutions provided by TaDah Data for small businesses are described below.

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Web Site Design

Web Page

A website is the front door to the business.

If your company needs a brand new website or the current website needs rejuvenating to be more inviting or interactive, then TaDah Data can assist.

We will sit with you and understand your business, then provide the necessary services to design and build your new website. We will train you along the way using plain English so that you understand how it works and can make informed decisions on the options available.

You may maintain and update the website yourself, or we can do it for you with one of our support plans.

We recommend that the website design service be purchased with the website hosting service.

Standard Web Site Design & Hosting setup is available as a standard service bundle.
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Web Site Hosting

Web Hosting

Once a website has been designed, it must be hosted on the internet to be visible.

There are many things to consider in hosting a website:

  • Which Website Hosting Service Provider to use
  • How quickly your web pages load in a visitor's browser
  • Whether you want a company URL (domain name) for your website (e.g.
  • Whether your website is informational, interactive or transactional
  • How you will receive visitor information from your website
  • Whether access to your website needs to be encrypted
  • How to backup and recover your website in case of a problem

TaDah Data can guide you through these decisions based upon your needs and budget. We can set up the hosting of your website and domain name, or work with your existing/chosen Website Hosting Service Provider.

We recommend that the website hosting service be purchased with the website design service.

Standard Web Site Design & Hosting setup is available as a standard service bundle.
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Worker Mobility

Tablet in Car

Worker mobility means giving staff access to the same business information and software applications regardless of whether they are in the office, on the road, working from home or travelling interstate. Mobility also allows different types of devices to access common business information, including PC's, tablets and smartphones.

To provide this type of mobility we start by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This allows information to transit securely between the office, the cloud and your staff (wherever they are), as long as there is mobile internet coverage.

A VPN also provides scope for using cost-saving cloud-based applications from the office.

Of course, the devil is in the detail. We are happy to have an obligation-free discussion and assist you in understanding the options.
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Office Internet


A good internet connection allows greater productivity in any office or workplace.

TaDah Data can help with the selection, ordering and installation of your office internet connection using a Telecommunications Service Provider of your choice. We will determine the best internet service for your business by making the right choice of:

  • Business or Consumer grade service
  • Capped or Usage charged plan
  • Bandwidth requirement
  • ADSL vs Fibre vs Wireless access technology
  • Cloud and VPN facilities
  • Service Provider performance, options, billing and cost

Plus to confirm the internet connection is operating as expected, we provide the option of deploying a simple network management system to monitor the performance of your network and computers.
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Office Wifi


The simplest way to connect PC's, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers and other devices to the office network and internet is using wireless data technology.

Office Wifi (local area wireless) is fast, efficient, secure and eliminates the need to run data cables through walls or across the floor to desks.

We can install your office Wifi to simplify cabling and configure the security to ensure that unwelcome neighbours don't use your internet connection or access your files. This includes the setup of the wireless base station(s) as well as the wireless devices which connect to it.
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Laptop and Desktop PC Setup


Setting up a new (or updating an existing) tablet, laptop or desktop PC can be a time consuming activity requiring specialist skills.

If you would rather concentrate on your business than your computers, then TaDah Data can help with our range of tablet, laptop and desktop PC services.
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Office File and Print


File and print facilities are needed in businesses where multiple people share files or printers or centralised applications.

It may be beneficial to use a cloud service provider for some of these functions.

As part of this service we will:

  • Evaluate and design the most effective method of file and printer sharing
  • Recommend the best equipment and/or cloud service provider
  • Set up the file and printer sharing facilities
  • Train your staff to use the facilities from their PC's, tablets and smartphones
  • Ensure that information is stored securely and backed up regularly

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Data Backup and Security


A company's information is one of its most valuable assets. Loss of business data due to equipment failure, human error, virus attack or hacking is a real risk for any business.

TaDah Data can assist you with your data protection strategy and implement techniques such as:

  • Automated backups (onsite, offsite or to cloud) to eliminate the reliance on tedious manual backup processes
  • Data encryption to ensure the privacy of your information (including data relating to your customers) while in storage or during communication
  • Anti-virus to prevent loss or corruption of business information due to rogue software
  • Network security and firewalling to keep your data safe from everyone (including hackers) except those with authorised access

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Office Phone Setup

Cisco IP Phone

TaDah Data can provide simple office telephony advice and configuration.
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Business Applications

Bookkeeping Application

Business applications can simplify the operation of any small business. Applications may include appointment scheduling, conference registrations, customer relationship management (CRM), bookkeeping, accounting, order management, payroll, timesheets, taxation and a multitude of specialist and cloud applications to suit any line of business.

TaDah Data can assist by evaluating, installing, providing the necessary access and training staff to use a number of small business applications.
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