Bundle 2 - Standard Web Site Design & Hosting with Annual Support


Everything you need for a professional new website plus a year of worry-free website support.

Services for the design and deployment of a website as per Bundle 1 with the addition of 1 year of support for the refinement and updating of the website.


  1. All service inclusions as described in Bundle 1
  2. Two on-site visits to discuss refinements/updates and provide additional training
  3. Up to 16 additional hours of client requested website refinements and updates over a period of 1 year
  4. A typical refinement/update is expected to take 1 hour
  5. Periodic monitoring of the web hosting facility and correction of any performance issues
  6. These services are additional to the services and warranty included in Bundle 1
  7. These services occur in parallel with the warranty period for Bundle 1


  1. All service exclusions as described in Bundle 1
  2. Major website design changes
  3. Major website hosting changes

Client Obligations

  1. All client obligations as described in Bundle 1
  2. Refinements/updates to be requested via the TaDah Data website, phone or email
  3. Provide requested additional website content (logo, images, text, etc.)
  4. Review and approve refinements/updates as soon as practical

Price ex GST: A$4,500

SPECIAL - Price ex GST if order plus deposit received by 30th June 2017: A$3,600*

* NOTE: Price excludes website hosting service provider costs
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